League of Legends Remake Function Delayed By Design Upgrades

The League of Legends remake function that was supposed to be coming with the game’s 6.11 update will be missing 6.11’s roll out as Riot pauses it to make some design upgrades. The /Remake function was supposed to allow teams to end the match consequence free if a problem with balancing comes up (such as being one hero short and facing a full team).

The League of Legends remake function was intended to be a balance-keeper that will prevent teams that are short on players from getting stomped by full teams. At the beginning of such a game, simply typing “/remake” into the game’s chat bar will allow the team in question to eject from the game without consequence.

The upgraded League of Legends remake function would also penalize people that are away from their keyboards for a long period of time. When /remake is typed they will also be kicked from the game, but will suffer the consequences of a defeat (unlike their teammates.) They will also be flagged by LeaverBuster, Riot’s anti-AFK system that places people that leave their computers during a match in a low-priority queue.

In order to remove themselves from the LeaverBuster queue, players in it would have to play five matchmade games in a row without leaving their keyboards in order to get put back in the regular games. If a player goes AFK with the /remake function, 90 seconds after the three minute mark when there hasn’t been a kill, players will be prompted in chat to type /remake to reset the game.

However, the League of Legends remake function isn’t just something people can spam because the game isn’t going their way; using it requires the consent of at least a third of the players in game for it to work, so no rage quitting that will screw over everyone else.

Hopefully the /remake command will soon get installed into League, so that players can stop taking unfair losses because of bad teammates that decide to leave and do something mid-game.