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GameStop CEO Says “Uncharted 4 is spectacular”, Expects New Console Announcement at E3

There is no doubt that Uncharted 4 is spectacular, and all the praise the game is receiving is well deserved. This time GameStop CEO has praised Uncharted 4, Paul Raines said “Uncharted 4 is spectacular”. He praised the game not for increasing sales, but for the incredible game Uncharted 4 is.

During an interview with FOX news Paul Raines, used the word “Spectacular” repeatedly to describe his experience with the game.

I’ve played all the Uncharted series [games] and they’re all spectacular. One just gets better than the other. Naughty Dog has done a spectacular job again. The character development is rich. It’s a little bit of a Raiders of the Lost Ark adventure. It’s a fantastic game [and] has sold through well for us. We love Sony first-party games, anyway; always have.

When asked about how the game is doing for GameSpot in terms of sales, Paul Raines said sales are good but mentioned that this question needs to be asked to Sony to make any official statement, not GameStop.

Uncharted 4 has sold almost 3 million units in its first week, Sony confirmed earlier this month. However, the sales figures are way low compared to Uncharted 3.

Raines further added that GameSpot is very happy with Uncharted 4 sales, and is performing well for the company. Uncharted 4 helped sale more PlayStation 4 units, and GameStop was able to sell quite the amount of digital content for Uncharted 4.

During the interview, Raines shared his expectations that there will be announcements about Virtual Reality and new consoles at E3. However, he did not mentioned what console he expects the announcement about.

Recently during the GameStop investors conference,  Executive Vice President Mike Hogan shared his expectations regarding Nintendo NX. He said that the company is expecting that Nintendo NX could bring $7.5 billion in revenue for the company, during the first 26 months of its launch.

Source: GameSpot.