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FIFA 17 Might Be In Frostbite Engine, Yet Another Transition

FIFA 17 will be one of the many EA Sports video games that make a transition to the Frostbite Engine in the near future, if the sources are to be believed.

FIFA 17 in Frostbite, along with the Madden, NHL, and NBA Live sports games, will all be moving to DICE’s Frostbite engine in the next few years.

Previously, EA Sports had made the transition to the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One with a brand new game engine known as “Ignite”. EA Sports touted Ignite and its reportedly superior artificial intelligence, improved animations, better physics, crowd animations, and better toolsets for development teams to share with one another. Now, FIFA 17 is the start of something new.

The transition to Ignite went well except for NHL 2015’s bad launch, and now EA Sports is making another change, to the Frostbite Engine. Frostbite has already been used to power a number of other high-profile games, including Mirror’s Edge, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Mass Effect, Need for Speed, and the Battlefield games.

FIFA 17 won’t be the first EA Sports game to make use of Frostbite, either: Roy McIlroy PGA Tour, a golf game that was released in 2015, also used the engine when it released. During the press blitz that EA used for the game, they paid a lot of attention to the engine’s speed and how well it created outdoor environments.

EA executive vice president Patrick Söderlund has said that the transition to the Frostbite Engine is to make it easier for EA to develop games with the use of a single platform. This would help cut down on development time.

Considering how good games look when they’re developed on the Frostbite Engine, hopefully FIFA 17 and the other sports games that will follow it end up looking just as good. All the same, hopefully at the same time EA’s rather quick transition from one engine to another won’t impact their games’ quality at all.