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Assassin’s Creed Collection is a Magazine with Official Figurines

If you thought we have not had enough of Assassin’s Creed in our lives, know this that Ubisoft really meant business when they said that they want to use toys and other non-game related things to bring people closer to the franchise. Assassin’s Creed Collection has been announced which, unlike what the name suggests, is basically a magazine.

There is more to it though, the magazine comes with a number of figurines for characters that we have had in the series before. The only problem is, those figurines look ugly!

Maybe I am feeling that way because when I first heard of Assassin’s Creed Collection, like everyone else, I had thought that maybe we were going to get our favorite games in the series remade in HD.

However, it appears that the website has nothing to do with what the fans were expecting – surprise, surprise! Here’s what you get when you show your interest:

Your Figurine Collection

Official collection. Under full licence from Ubisoft:

  • Hand-Painted 1:21 figurines
  • Faithful to the game characters

Plus Your Collector’s Magazine

Each figurine is hand-painted to feature incredible details from the game characters. From Ezio Auditore’s hidden blades to Haytham Kenway’s Grand Master uniform, all the characters’ outfits and weaponry are faithfully reproduced.

Don’t believe me when I say that the figurines are ugly? Well check them out below and figure out for yourself.

Assassins Creed Collection Magazine Figurines

The issue one of the magazine costs £2.99 and brings you a handful of free gifts with it namely a free Assassin’s Creed display stand for your figurines, an Assassin’s Creed belt buckle, an Assassin’s Creed Tankard, Assassin’s Creed The Official Collection Binder and the first issue as well.

You can check up on the figurines on the Assassin’s Creed Collection website here.