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5 Million Playstation Vitas Sold In Japan

Since Sony is a native Japanese company, you shouldn’t be surprised to see something like the news that 5 million Playstation Vitas have been sold in the country. The Vita hit the milestone after four years, from when the handheld console launched in 2012 to today in 2016.

This is especially interesting, however, because Sony had announced two months ago that by October the Playstation Vita market was going down and would not be profitable anymore. Sony announced then that they would be ceasing production of the Vita. However, with 5 million Playstation Vitas sold, surely there’s still something of a market for them, at least in Japan?

Not to mention two months before that the Playstation Vita had topped Japanese sales charts, along with a game called Dragon Quest Builders. While sales of the Playstation Vita in places like North America leave something to be desired, if it’s still doing well in Japan with constant (if nothing special) sales then there’s no real reason to stop producing it.

The fact that various games like Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth, Severed, Helldivers, and Persona 4: Dancing All Night have sold very well for it are also another point in the Vita’s favor. The success of the Vita was actually enough that Sony put out a version of the console called the Playstation TV, which could play a large number of Playstation Vita games along with various other Playstation console games.

While there haven’t been any Playstation Vita games recently that have gotten the amount of buzz that some of the biggest games of its life have gotten (for instance Persona 4 Golden, which is hailed as one of the greatest RPGs ever), there’s still chances for it to get better sales numbers if a game has enough demand for it.

Either way with 5 million Playstation Vitas sold, hopefully Sony will realize that there’s still a market for the Vita, even if its sales aren’t as good as they used to be.