Xbox One Price Dropped To $299, Just In Time For E3

In a perfectly timed example of business savviness, the Xbox One price has gotten a sudden 50 dollar price drop from $349 to $299, just in time for E3 2016.

And, with the games that seem to be coming out or getting announced at E3, it’s likely that Microsoft is pushing the Xbox One forward as much as possible to try and close at least part of the sales gap between the Xbox One and the Playstation 4.

The Playstation 4 hit forty million units sold a few days ago, only a month after the Xbox One announced hitting the twenty million units mark. Microsoft president Phil Spencer has expressed a great deal of pride in the Xbox One’s lineup for E3 this year, and since many of the games that were shown last E3 have also gotten a lot of good reviews it’s likely this year will be the same.

Of course, that depends on how many awesome-looking exclusives Microsoft can put out as well to make lowering the Xbox One price worth it. While every Xbox console has experienced a markdown (with even the 1 terabyte Xbox One getting marked down to $319), that won’t mean anything if Microsoft’s E3 conference can’t sell games.

The only announced Xbox One exclusive that Microsoft will be putting out this year will be Gears of War 4, and while those games were a killer app for the Xbox 360 during the original series under Epic, it will take a lot of effort by Microsoft to make The Coalition’s brainchild look good.

The Playstation 4 began out of the gate with a lot of groundswell over the Xbox One, mainly due to Microsoft’s mishandling of the Xbox’s originally highly unpopular qualities, such as having to always be online, not being able to share games, and not having backwards compatibility.

While many of these issues were quickly addressed, the Playstation 4’s better framerate and resolution still kept it going strong and away from the Xbox.

Hopefully the Xbox One price drop, combined with what people see at E3, will help to be more of a system seller for Microsoft this year.