Official Arsenal in Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Confirmed?

By   /   May 31, 2016
arsenal in pro evolution soccer 2017

English football fans will either be enraged or elated now that there’s a possibility of Arsenal being included in Pro Evolution Soccer 2017. The English football club, based in Holloway in London, is one of the premiere names of English football and one of the most important clubs in the Barclay’s Premiere League.

This will be the first time Arsenal is in a Pro Evolution Soccer game since the 2005 iteration of the game.

The rumors of Arsenal in Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 come accompanying more rumors, that it will license Manchester United for the game as well. While this doesn’t mean that Arsenal will be continuing its historic rivalry against its rival Chelsea, Manchester is still another big name in English and European football.

We might also get every other English football team as well, so not only will we possibly get the Arsenal-Chelsea rivalry anyway, we may get every other English football rivalry too.

A preview of Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 was shown during the final of the United European Football Association Champions League, which was between Real Madrid and Atl├ętico.

Arsenal is entering PES this year because they qualified for next year’s UEFA Championship, which got a game of its own in April.

The showing at the final match of the UEFA tournament, which took place in Milan in Italy, was the first time that the game had been shown off to the public like that.

Other features in the game also include a reworked Game Plan screen, and graphical upgrades for numerous players in Arsenal. The game also includes a system called “Real Touch,” which gives players a way to receive a pass from any direction and be able to control it better.

So what do you think about Arsenal in Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 and the possibility of other English Clubs? Are you a gunners fan? Do you wan the full team roster?

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