Paul George is On the NBA 2K17 Cover This Year?

By   /   May 31, 2016
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Indiana Pacers small forward player Paul George is on the regular NBA 2K17 cover this year, and will be on it when the game comes out.

On the two collector’s editions of the basketball game Kobe Bryant, who retired earlier this year, will be on it as a final tribute to his career.

Paul George has had a good enough career that it’s actually a pretty smart decision to put him on the NBA 2K17 cover. Even though he’s only 26 years old he’s been named the Most Improved Player in the National Basketball Association in 2013, and is a three-time NBA All Star, a three-time All-NBA Third Team winner, and even tried out for the United States’s national team for the FIBA Basketball World Cup, but broke his leg in the process.

Another thing to consider on the NBA 2K17 cover is that there’s a possibility that the Olympics might be involved; another version of George in the background of the cover is wearing a Team USA jersey, showing that the game’s career mode might end up with the player being chosen to play for the United States on its Olympic team.

With luck, NBA 2K17 will not involve an actual “story” mode, and will instead focus on a player’s career rather than the cavalcade of idiocy that came with NBA 2K16, which got a “story mode” penned by black filmmaker Spike Lee entitled “Livin’ Da Dream”.

The story was highly unpopular by many due to its writing, characters, and plot, with each cutscene mainly just being a bridge to get from one set of games to another while you picked various teams to go to as the story made you quit your chosen starting team and become a free agent before you picked another.

Whatever NBA 2K17 will focus on, hopefully the sports gameplay will be just as tight and well-made as always. NBA 2K17 is supposed to release this September.

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