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Microsoft E3 2016 Conference Leaked, Includes Battletoads, Age of Empires, Halo Wars Beta

A rumor has appeared on Reddit talking about a trailer that will be released by Microsoft later today talking about the Microsoft E3 2016 conference. Not only that, but it would appear that a list of games from the conference has been leaked due to someone looking into the console’s API.

According to these ads and trailers, we might have a number of announcements for games that will be announced at the Microsoft E3 2016 conference. These include Forza Horizon 3, which will be set in Australia, a new Battletoads (though that depends on whether they’re talking about an actual new game or remake or another new addition to the Killer Instinct roster remains to be seen) and something related to Age of Empires.

With regards to Killer Instinct, we may be getting another video game character in it, General RAAM of the Locust Horde from the first Gears of War game.

The leak also gave us more information about Rare’s upcoming first-person pirate game Sea of Thieves, where they said it will not be an MMO game but more along a Destiny or Division vibe, that of a shared-world game where players could interact with one another.

The Microsoft E3 2016 conference rumor also teases people with a Halo Wars 2 beta release for the sequel to Obsidian’s highly popular console RTS, developed by Creative Assembly.

We may also be seeing zombies in the near future, as there will be something involving them that could be new. Whether it’s a sequel to State of Decay or a fourth Dead Rising game, however, we have no idea.

Keep in mind that these are just rumors, and that they should therefore be taken with a grain of salt unless Microsoft actually announces them at its E3 conference. And with E3 only two weeks away now, we at least don’t have very long to wait.