The Last Guardian Soundtrack, There was a Contest and Best One was Selected

By   /   May 31, 2016
The Last Guardian soundtrack

The creative director on the game, Fumito Ueda, has shed some light on the long development process, The last Guardian soundtrack and game design in new videos, which are part of IGN First.

Ever since The Last Guardian was announced back in 2009, gamers around the world have been waiting for the game to release. With numerous delays, staff re-organization at the studio and technical difficulties on PS3, the game will release later this year for PlayStation 4.

We have already covered the game design prospect of the game in an earlier report, so we will be focusing on The Last Guardian soundtrack.

In the video Ueda gave us a little sneak peek of how the music composer was hired and how they created the epic The Last Guardian soundtrack.

The team held a competition and gave the composers the keywords and screenshot to compose soundtrack for it, and according to Ueda, Tekeshi Furukawa’s music matched his vision.

The team did not wanted the music for The Last Guardian to feel like game music, they wanted it to be much more. The soundtrack was recorded in Air Studios in London using London Symphony Orchestra, and Ueda is satisfied with the end result.

He said that compared to other games The Last Guardian has cinematic expressions. The existence of Trico and the world is expressed through visuals, so in terms of music they hold it down and try not to make too unique or strange and try to create a balance in these two.

Recently, a gameplay footage of The Last Guardian was released along with some screens which gives us a good look at the gameplay mechanics and the environments of the game.

So what do you think of The Last Guardian soundtrack? Let us know in the comments.

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