First Nintendo NX Game to be RISE: Race The Future? Trailer Has NX Logo in it!

By   /   May 31, 2016
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Have you heard of RISE: Race The Future? It is a recently announced racing title that is being developed by an indie studio named VD-DEV in collaboration with Anthony Jannarelly, a car designer. But that is not the news! The news is that the developers of are claiming this will be the first Nintendo NX game to be officially confirmed as such!

What really happened is that the developers have included the logo of Nintendo’s upcoming console among the list of platforms that the game is going to be released on at the end of the announcement trailer.

Is RISE: Race The Future The First Nintendo NX Game to Go Official?

The trailer in question (which is more of car images than video) was shared on YouTube today and the release platforms caught our attention. You can check out the trailer below – the Nintendo NX logo comes at the end.

A lot has been said about the games that are going to be developed for, and ported to, the highly secretive new console of Nintendo in the past. However, so far no developer had mentioned the console explicitly and officially among the platforms that their game is supposed to be released on.

Part of the reason for this is that Nintendo NX is, in the opinion of many, just a codename for the real product. We are not even sure what will Nintendo really call it when they go for the reveal.

Not only that, the logo that we can see shining among other names like PS4, Xbox One, Steam, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, Google Play and Apple App Store, is not confirmed to be the official logo of the upcoming console.

This does hint that maybe the developers are only showing their commitment towards building a version of their game for the Nintendo NX if and when the console comes out, and not actually claiming that this is the first Nintendo NX game to go official.

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