Is Dead Island 2 Cancelled? Steam Store Page Removed!

By   /   May 31, 2016
Dead Island 2 development

Is Dead Island 2 cancelled? Or has it been pushed to the backburner again? We are not sure, but what we know is that ever since the E3 2014 reveal that impressed us, the game’s development has been a very bumpy ride.

Since then, we have gotten gameplay videos with beautiful looking worlds that made us feel more bad when the game’s release date was pushed for the first time in 2015.

Now, we know that YAGER is not working on the game anymore as they have filed for insolvency since July 2015.

These guys were replaced by Sumo Digital, but for some reason now, it looks like the game might have been cancelled for good!

Dead Island 2 Cancelled? But Why?

We are not saying this is confirmed, but the Steam Store page of the game was recently taken down. It is not common for a game’s listing to be taken down after so long if there is nothing wrong with its development.

Of course things might not have been stable amidst YAGER deciding they couldn’t continue and Deep Silver handing over the reins to Sumo Digital, maybe the latter is going to give it a go from scratch.

If the Dead Island development is going to be started from the beginning by Sumo Digital again, it would make sense if they discard everything that has been shared about it by YAGER before them.

Unless that is the case, we fear the game might actually have been cancelled which would be a clear loss for such an IP of Deep Silver.

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