A Dead Rising 4 Rumor is in the Air and We Like It

By   /   May 31, 2016
Dead Rising 4

A leak from an NeoGAF insider known as “Ekim” has started a rumor that Capcom is working on a Dead Rising 4 game. If it’s true, it will be the first Dead Rising game to come out in several years.

Dead Rising 3, the latest in the series, was released as one of the Xbox One launch titles along with games like Ryse: Son of Rome, NBA 2K14, and others back in November of 2013. Dead Rising 3 got a small boost in sales as well when *deep breath* Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alpha was released, giving a zany multiplayer aspect to the game.

Dead Rising 4 will most likely have the same sort of plot setup as every Dead Rising game before it; you’re stuck in a zombie-infested location, and must try and uncover the game’s story within a certain time limit while using as many crazy weapons and items as possible to kill thousands of zombies.

However, how that will happen is something else entirely. Considering that Dead Rising 3 ended with the successful creation of a cure to the zombie virus started by Carlito’s crazy cult in the first Dead Rising game, the circumstances that would lead to another zombie outbreak would have to be unusual. If it’s like Dead Rising 2 and the “Terror is Reality” game show has another outbreak, that may be it, but there could be others.

Either way, with the release of a true cure for the zombie plague happening at the end of Dead Rising 3, it’s also likely that the worst mechanic in Dead Rising 2, where you have to find the placebo medicine Zombrex in order to keep someone from turning into a zombie, will not be continuing. Due to the (Spoilers!) immunity of Dead Rising 3 protagonist Nick Ramos, Dead Rising 3 did not have this problem.

Dead Rising 4 will also not have this due to the distribution of a cure, so we can get down to what’s really important: killing zombies.

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