Overwatch Hacks Report: Aimbots For $30, Wall Hack, Auto-reload and Recoil Hack

By   /   May 30, 2016
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Overwatch animated shorts, Overwatch porn, Overwatch hacks… what is left? There is so much that had been done for the game even before it was released and some of these things are surprising us even now.

While looking for some more scoops on the game, we stumbled upon this rather peculiar listing on a Chinese alternative of eBay called Taobao.

Overwatch Hacks Are Being Sold Like Crazy!

The listing in question relates to Overwatch, not for the game itself, but for Overwatch hacks that get you a number of illegal in-game hacking tools as well as bots.

It is not new for a huge game like this one to get hacking solutions, but this is pretty early and extensive. For instance, there are hacks that get you aimbots in the game for $30! Apparently, this is a pretty popular purchase since over 100 people have already bought these.

If you thought that hacks worth half a game’s price were expensive, there are multiple subscriptions available for bundles of hacking tools and bots that can be bought on monthly, quarterly, or lifetime basis. The prices of these go from $30 to $60 to $90 respectively.

One of the items called Overwatch Assistant Tool has autoaim, no recoil and instant reload hacks. There are other bundles that get you transparent walls, ID and HP display, radars and distance alerts. Needless to say, the hackers promise that the cheating won’t be spotted.

Overwatch hacks aimbots

The fact that Overwatch hacks are being sold commercially, at such rates and so early, says a lot about the state in which the game could go if Blizzard Entertainment are not deploying stringent controls, penalties and bans against these activities.

Are you playing the game and wish to excel using legal means only? Our guides section can surely help you with that. For instance you could check out our Overwatch McCree for counters, ability tips, strategy, strengths and weaknesses or the Overwatch Control Tips for Nepal, Lijiang Tower, and Ilios.

Or you could swap the Overwatch hacks for other helping hands like microtransactions.

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