No Man’s Sky Delay Results in Death Threats to Sean Murray, Who Jokes About It

By   /   May 30, 2016
No Man's Sky subreddit

Three days ago an alleged No Man’s Sky delay was reported, and just as it was starting to trigger a reaction from the waiting fans, Hello Games itself came up and confirmed the hold up in game’s release.

While we agree that the community has been waiting for a long time to see this game release in the markets, the reaction that the delay got was certainly unfathomable, as well as unexcusable – even if the game was actually having technical issues.

No Man’s Sky Delay Results in Death Threats, Resulting in Pillow Forts…

Some really emotionally charged fans thought it was a good idea to give death threats to the founder and managing director of Hello Games, Sean Murray, as a way of registering their discontent.

What world are we living in? Death threats for a game being delayed, planes being diverted due to fake bomb reports and so on! While this is not getting us anywhere, Sean Murray has reacted to it in the most applaudable manner.

He took to his Twitter profile letting everyone know that he has been getting many death threats – empty or not – due to which he had had to go in hiding… Home Alone style aka with pillow forts.

I have received loads of death threats this week, but don’t worry, Hello Games now looks like the house from Home Alone #pillowfort.

Tell me when its safe to remove the marbles and oil from the stairs. It’s getting really cumbersome, and I need the toilet

Clearly he is reacting well, but such a reaction to No Man’s Sky delay or any other game delay for that matter could never be a problem so big that you issue death threats to guys who are working “35 hour coding weekends” on the same game right now.

The game will now release on August 9 for $60 – if you guys don’t kill the good soul first!

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