Some Mass Effect Andromeda Mission Being Hyped by Bioware

By   /   May 30, 2016
Mass Effect: Andromeda melee combat

IF Bioware are known for something other than good game development, it is how to tease well about the game they are making, which, in this case, is Mass Effect Andromeda. So far, their talks about the game have been as vague as saying that the game will “break beyond its core audience” and so on.

This time around, the developers are talking and not explaining about some of the game missions that they are apparently done with. One of the missions has been created by developer TorbJos, he has been teasing that the job has taken a lot of time and is now being reviewed.

Mass Effect Andromeda Missions On Review!

The mission in question appears to be some high importance since the developers have been teasing that they are “looking forward to Tuesday” suggesting that the mission is going to go into review on that day i.e. tomorrow.

However, the whole story about something big happening on Tuesday has been making rounds on the internet. Here’s one tweet where Michael Gamble, the producer of their most ambitious project, has reacted to it.

TorbJos then followed it up by talking about the one thing that developers and gamers hate equally: bugs!

However, we are so glad that he was able to tone down the hype a little bit and explain what it was all about before fans got over excited.

We are really looking forward to the Mass Effect Andromeda mission that they are talking about… and Tuesday, whatever that might or might not have in store for the fans.

Mass Effect Andromeda brings its hot and steamy romancing scenes to us in early 2017.

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