“The Credit For Doom’s Performance Goes To Its Programmers”, Says the Producer

Doom’s performance across the platforms is just fantastic, the game manages to run on 60 FPS on both consoles when other games of this generation struggle to even run on a steady 30 FPS.

According to id Software executive producer, Marty Stratton, the credit for Doom’s performance goes to its programmers during video Q&A at Melbourne’s ACMI.

Yeah, it’s hard [to optimize performance across platforms],and our programmers were the ones that did it. They would probably say it was even harder [laughs]. It’s one of those things that when you’re working it in … I mean, my whole career, our technology team has been [at the] top of the industry. I’ve worked at id or on id games almost my whole career so it’s probably something I’ve come to take for granted.

He further said that the studio thinks from a mindset of a PC gamer in term of performance and graphics quality.

We really think from a PC mindset, where we want to go with performance and graphics options and graphics quality. We have some hardcore ‘PC Master Racers’ [laughs] as they’re called, [and] I think [that] when you set the bar that high, it really becomes a challenge for the programmers [to focus] more on optimization.

Stratton told that some times the games would not even run on consoles, due to the fact that the team was focused on PC.

He said that the game engine was designed for the consoles, specifically for PlayStation 4, and Vulkan API is also to arrive for PC which will expand the audience.

He also mentioned Doom’s performance boost, when Vulkan API support arrives for the game.

When that comes out and those cards come out, with DOOM we have an upcoming release that will be Vulkan supported, it will make your game run really well on older-generation cards and at 200-plus frames a second on the higher-end stuff. And you know it runs really well, really smooth on the consoles on both sides. I’m really proud of our tech team.

Vulkan API is sure getting a lot of support from the developers, recently Crytek’s Technical Director said that he will choose Vulkan over Directx 12.

In 2016 the return of Doom is just as memorable and gore infested as the original Doom was. The developers has successfully re-captured all that what made the original Doom a legend, even Cliff Bleszinski praised the game.

Source: Fenixbazaar