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Mafia 3 City New Bordeaux is Full of Variety and All The Good Things in New Orleans

By   /   May 30, 2016

Hangar 13 has talked about the Mafia 3 city before, telling us that it has been built on the foundations of New Orleans from the 1960s, but they have started going in detail only now. A new trailer has been released by the developers showing how they have brought the city to life.

There are so many things about being able to play a game based on the mafia scene from half a century ago. The cars, the music, the guns and the gang wars are all pure adrenaline.

Mafia 3 City is a Character Itself!

However, the city they are bringing us, New Bordeaux, has much more than just that. For instance, if the in-game world was created exactly like the New Orleans of the 1960s – even the dynamics – then the highly impressive driving mechanics would not have made it to the game.

In the trailer in question, the developers say that in the reimagination of New Orleans, they have taken all the best parts and put them in one place.

There is going to be something for everyone in the game whether you like open areas, closed end streets, cities or outskirts of the city.

You can listen to Mathias Worch, the design director talk about the different areas that they have put in the Mafia 3 city as well as Denby Grace, the executive producer of the game talking about how the setting of criminal rackets that are going to be rampant in all those areas.

Want some more of the game? Here are some unseen clips of gameplay that you are bound to have missed during the E3 panel reveal video of Mafia 3.

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