LawBreakers Gameplay for Vanguard Explained with Starfall and Hydra Minigun

We were already sure that the LawBreakers gameplay was going to be a class apart when CliffyB went on a rant against grinding in the player progression systems of most of the games these days while suggesting a change in his games could be expected.

Boss Key Productions has been sharing a number of videos and textual details about their upcoming first person shooter multiplayer, and now they are going role by role to explain to you how each of the different options you have at the character selection phase have the potential to change your experience.

Vanguard is the role that is being highlighted in the video above alongside a number of her abilities and weapons. One ability that they have shined the light on is Starfall alongside the added benefit of her Hydra Minigun.

Throughout the video you can hear the developers talk about what makes Vanguard stand apart and exactly what should be the things you are looking for while choosing this role.

This game is doing a number of things differently, not only the part about challenging the grind in progression. For instance these guys are not shying away from being open about how demanding the game is – 16GB of RAM was recommended, or that it is aiming only at the adult audience, or that the developers prefer Steam exclusive release over a free to play model.

For more on the LawBreakers gameplay as well as other roles that you can choose from, keep a track of our website. As far as the game’s release plans are concerned, no specific date has been announced by Boss Key Productions although they started signups for alpha testing last month and are promising a 2016 release.