This is How Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst Multiplayer Works

By   /   May 30, 2016
Mirror's Edge Remastered

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, the upcoming reboot of 2007 first-person parkour game Mirror’s Edge, will be getting multiplayer when it comes out. However, it won’t be the normal kind. Though DICE, the game’s developers, at first thought about an online multiplayer component, the Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst multiplayer will actually be in a style more seen in racing games.

Jeremy Miller, the game’s producer, said that instead of a co-operative or competitive sort of multiplayer, the Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst multiplayer will instead be dealing with races, time trials, and various challenges that players will compete against each other in.

Miller said that offline multiplayer offered the best experience. Without online players continually tripping people up or deliberately trolling them by blocking their path, the game can be more fun and engaging to play.

The multiplayer will be divided into at least three different categories: Time Trial, Beat Location, and and Dashes. The game has already had at least one beta run for players to test the game’s parkour out on Origin Access.

Time Trials are the time-tested way to see who can get to point A to point B the fastest. This actually fits in with the game’s focus on the running art of parkour, which is finding the fastest way to get from one spot to another without having to turn. Instead of running around obstacles, parkour users will leap over them or climb them.

This way, a sort of environmental puzzle can be formed as players try and find out the best routes.

The Beat Location emitter is something like time trials, but this way you have to get to a certain location on the map the fastest, and the Beat Locations allow players to mark particularly difficult areas to get to.

Dashes are player-created challenges that can help test other players’ skills as well, and the Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst multiplayer embodies that sort of spirit, of seeing who’s the fastest and who can do what.

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is supposed to launch June 7 (apparently a final date now after numerous delays) on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC shortly before E3, so we won’t have to wait much longer before the game is ready to play.

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