Is There a Gran Turismo Sport Singeplayer Career Mode or Not?

By   /   May 30, 2016
Gran Turismo Sport Singeplayer

We have run a number of stories about Gran Tursimo Sport, primarily because it is the latest entry in the most loved simulation racing series on PlayStation and also because it looked pretty darn hot. However, the Gran Turismo Sport Singeplayer section might not be able to do as good as you would expect.

Although it has not been explicitly confirmed by Polyphony Digital, they dropped enough hints to make us worry whether there actually is a singleplayer “career” mode in the game or not. By career we of course mean the parts where you would get special events and races to play.

Gran Turismo Sport Singeplayer Ditching Events?

The part we are talking about should exist in the Campaign Mode of the game (the other two modes being Arcade and Sports), so we dug into some slides from a recent event by Polyphony where veteran game designer Kazunori Yamauchi was explaining the components of the modes.

In Campaign Mode i.e. the Gran Turismo Singleplayer, there are four different sections namely the Beginner’s School, Circuit Experience, Mission Challenge and Racing Etiquette.

None of these includes anything remotely similar to events and races like the conventional Gran Turismo titles would have.

The Beginner’s School is plain tutorial of how things work while the Racing Etiquette part is where you learn what to do and what not to. Mission Challenge has preset generic missions, apparently and not racing events like driving challenges of various lengths, racing against AI and the clock and so on.

Lastly, even Circuit Experience, which one would take to be named closely, does not have anything like racing events. It just has silly exercises that help you get better at stuff.

On to the rest of the modes, Arcade Mode is definitely going to be just what it has always been and the Sports Mode is essentially the online multiplayer with similar events and races, but those are live, and against other players, not offline in the Gran Turismo Sport Singleplayer in the form of the conventional Career mode.

Gran Turismo Sport Singeplayer is not all, the game has also given up on dynamic weather and time systems in favor of better frame rates per second. Do you think the GT series is really seeing its coffin being carved out as the internet warriors claim?

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