New The Witcher 3 Patch Goes Live Earlier; Changes and Screenshots Inside

By   /   May 28, 2016
The Witcher 3 patch 1.20 changelog

A new The Witcher 3 patch, titled update 1.20, was going to go live next week but somehow, a new patch has already been downloaded by some fans on the Xbox One. Interestingly, they are reporting that the update version they see is 1.21 and not 1.20.

Regardless, the new patch has made a number of changes to the game and we are trying to find out as many of them as we can.

What we have been able to confirm is that The Witcher 3 patch has revamped the game’s user interface system to not only make it look better but also add more functionality to it. The UI is also much cleaner than before, and presents the map filling up the screen which is better than before.

The way inventory is arranged now is more easier and accessible than before. You can also add different colors of markers to the map now, and the most helpful change is where you get to read notes and books right after picking them up.

Oh and there is also a new quick wheel and adrenaline bar in the new The Witcher 3 patch.

While not everyone has been able to update their game to this patch (it came out untimely after all) a number of people have been able to get it.

Another interesting thing that has been spotted among the people who were able to run the patch is that after it has been installed, their character spawns at max XP of their level and levels up just fine after that regardless of whether the player had actually reached that level yet or not.

Not sure if CDPR is giving away some more juice or the game is glitching, though. Here are the screenshots showing off the UI changes:

We are not sure if this will get rolled back or will the developers simply transition into the official release. Right now The Witcher 3 patch is taking up 2.90GB of space.

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