New Rocket League Arena “Pillars” Split the Map in Three, Coming in June

By   /   May 28, 2016
new Rocket League arena pillars

A couple of days ago, cross platform play between Xbox One and PC versions of Rocket League had gone live. However, that is not the only new thing that is happening with the genre defining game. A new Rocket League Arena named Pillars is being introduced very soon.

Psyonix, the developer behind the critically acclaimed game took to the official website to announce the new map that is going to change quite a few of the game’s dynamics.

The most important feature of the new Arena is that it comes with two gigantic pillars (they are more like walls to be honest, but is what Psyonix is calling them). What these pillars do is create a whole new hurdled map which is almost entirely split into three parts.

When we first introduced the casual Rocket Labs playlist earlier this year, we promised additional arenas that would be introduced over time for inclusion in the rotation. Now we’re making good on that guarantee with “Pillars” in June!

Available in the Rocket Labs playlist for both Online and offline Exhibition play, the visual aesthetic for “Pillars” will continue its tipped hat towards virtual-reality — only this time, with a gameplay emphasis on using multiple walls to your advantage. As you can tell from the screenshots, the “Pillars” title will be quite literal since two huge uprights loom over the middle of the arena.

So when you go out to play on the new Rocket League arena, it is going to have three lanes. You can use the walls to bounce the ball and create some amazing shots to hit the goal or you can also drive on them.

Pyonix has confirmed that they are going to release the new arena in June, but so far no specific release date has been shared.

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