New Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Might Be At E3

By   /   May 28, 2016
Kingdom Hearts 3

The lack of any information regarding Kingdom Hearts 3 might be coming to an end in June, as a rumor spread by has implied that we may be getting a new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer at this year’s E3. This comes only a year after last E3, which showed a Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer for the first time.

We haven’t really heard much about what Kingdom Hearts 3 will be about, but from what we saw in the E3 2015 trailer the combat will be awesome and take into account the surrounding environment, with Sora able to seamlessly transition from fighting on the ground to bouncing off of walls.

Whatever will be in this new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer will likely have to wait until the Sony E3 conference for us to really show something, and with luck we can see what other new characters will be showing up in the game, either as side characters or summons that players can use.

The E3 2015 trailer also showed off new environments, raging from a town to a beautiful valley to a vista of Rapunzel’s tower from the 2010 Disney movie Tangled. Depending on how much time the game has left in development we may have things from other Disney properties, such as Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps from Zootopia which came out in April.

Such references to other, more recent Disney movies have already been in the Kingdom Hearts mobile game, and with Square Enix adamant that Kingdom Hearts 3 will not be coming out this fiscal year (for context that’s March 31 of 2017) there’s most likely a great deal of development time left ahead of the game’s release for them to add things in.

Either way thankfully E3 isn’t that much farther away, only around two or three weeks. So until then all we have to do is wait until the Square Enix or Sony conferences to reveal the new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer and hopefully some more info about the game.

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