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Madden NFL 17 Man Coverage, Zone Coverage, QB Scramble Improvements Detailed

Madden NFL 17 is getting a number of new gameplay improvements and additions, a day ago it was the new juke moves and score banner, while this time it is bigger things like Madden NFL 17 man coverage and zone coverage.

The developers have explained various gameplay improvements that have been made to the game and those include developing on the man press tactics that were in Madden NFL 16 with an improved win/loss system:

This year, an enhanced Win/Loss system has been created to ensure that any route with a cut has the potential to get open against this coverage. Man press is a two part battle and it all starts with the chuck. Using a slant as an example, when the receiver wins, he’ll successfully fight off the corner to gain inside leverage. Just like previous years, this part of the interaction is dictated by “Press” and “Release” ratings.

Moving on, the zone coverage system has also been improved in Madden NFL 17 in order to take on the “popular route combinations competitive players would use in previous years” in an attempt to further the truly competitive essence of the game.

There are more details about it on the official EA Sports website if you want.

Lastly, they are making efforts to stop the QB scramble and this time developers are promising that “defensive ends who see a QB getting outside of the tackles are more adept than ever in Madden NFL 17 of shedding the block and chasing him down,” among other things.

Your closest defender rushing after the quarterback can now be selected with R3 as Spy Crash in Madden NFL 17 now includes any defenders that are in the coverage.

The game also has really improved ball physics and plays as well as a well reworked Madden Ultimate Team Loyalty Program.