E3 Website Adds Xbox One VR Filter, Oculus Confirmed?

By   /   May 28, 2016
Xbox One System Software Update

The E3 website has updated and apparently now contains an Xbox One VR filter that companies are encouraged to sign up to try. Four companies have already taken the offer and signed up, and consist of Rebellion Developments, Massive Games, Readily Information Company, and 3DRudder.

With the tease that a European developer was making a VR title for the Xbox One, the fact that a sign-up for this is happening only a few hours later all-but confirms that there will be an Xbox One VR attachment (Could very well support Oculus) that will be announced at E3. This will be the Xbox’s first periphery announcement since the Xbox Kinect back during the 360 era.

There is certainly a good market for Xbox One VR now, considering the release of the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, not to mention the Playstation VR coming out sometime later this year. With a number of small, indie video games already being developed or released for VR Xbox can have a good market on its hands, as long as it puts it out quick.

Adding VR would also be a good business decision in general, because a lack of a virtual reality component of the console could cause the Xbox to lose even more prospective sales to Sony due to the lack of a competitor to the Playstation VR. With the Xbox already behind the Playstation 4 by 20 million sales, even with an Xbox One VR version coming out.

Then again it all depends on what kind of games are going to be on the Xbox One’s VR component. Crytek has already announced The Climb, a climbing game simulator that was announced for Microsoft Windows and the Oculus Rift. If the Xbox can take advantage of Microsoft’s new dedication to blending PC and console gaming on their platforms, there may be an untapped goldmine there.

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