Zelda Inspired Game “Guardians of the Rose” Offers Fast Paced Combat and More

By   /   May 27, 2016
guardians of the rose

Guardians Of The Rose is a Zelda inspired game developed by Pixel x Pixel. The game takes a lot of things from Legend Of Zelda and boosts up the gameplay speed to make the game fast paced and merges with RPG element from Elder Scrolls series and open world exploration.

When you combine all that, as a result you get a charming pixel art-animated games with a lot of content and places to explore.

The premise of the game revolves around the a world where witchcraft is illegal. This witchcraft has corrupted the royal guard, who betray their king and take over his kingdom.

Players will take on a role of a young boy who has no magical abilities, and must team up with a small group of loyal royal guard who venture out to save the kingdom. Collectively this group is called Guardians of the Rose.

No modern RPG can exist without choices and consequences, and players will have to make a choice between accepting Witchcraft or not.

The game offers a ton of environments and enemies from Sand Giants and Unfellable Beasts in the Unfellable Forest to sea serpents terrorising sea port towns. The game offers open world exploration with many secrets hidden away and waiting to be found, and different characters to meet and greet.

The game is currently in Kickstarter and awaiting to complete its first stretch goal of $75,00 and the expected release of the game is May 2017. Currently the game has 41 backers and has raised $1700. Twenty six days remains to complete its first stretch goal.

The developer Pixel x Pixel consists of designer Broc Copeland and his family. Broc handles all the game’s design, programming, art, animation and more. His young son Ender Copeland directs the game’s art design, with pixel-to-pixel instructions.

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