Unseen Mafia 3 Gameplay Clips Spotted in E3 Panel Reveal

By   /   May 27, 2016
Mafia 3 Nicki Burke Side Missions and Favors

It was reported yesterday that those of you who wish to experience the Mafia 3 gameplay in-person will be able to do so at E3 2016 in June. It has also been announced that the E3 panel is going to be featured on live streams.

IGN is going to be holding the game’s E3 Panel exclusively and while they were sharing the news on YouTube they also shared a small video of the game.

If you have followed the entire development period of the title, you would be able to see that the video does not just repeat scenes from the game’s reveal or trailers that we have previously seen. Instead, the short clip has glimpses of some unseen Mafia 3 gameplay in it.

The video in question is about half a minute long, but don’t expect all of it to be gameplay, there are scenes from cutscenes and trailers too. Any how, we have shared the said video above so that you can watch it yourself and figure out how much of a “monumental change” is it getting.

That being said, it has been revealed some days ago that this game is going to exceed everything that Hangar 13 has ever developed in the past, and that says something about the potential of Mafia 3.

Even the game’s amazing driving mechanics are noteworthy, our guy Hunter thinks they are reminiscent of Hollywood’s stunt driving even!

When the game was announced back in last year’s April, it clearly looked like something altogether different from what it is now, and we are glad to say that that is a very good thing.

Have you watched enough of Mafia 3 gameplay videos to know that it is definitely a game you want to buy? If not, here is an old trailer about the values of family and here’s the reveal trailer.

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