Overwatch Control Maps Guide – Nepal, Lijiang Tower, and Ilios

By   /   May 27, 2016
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In Overwatch Control game mode, two teams fight for three randomly selected objective areas in a best-of-three format. Unlike other game modes, there is no concept of attacking/defending teams.

Once the match starts, the first capture point appears after 30 seconds. Once it appears, it can be captured by either team. In order to control a capture point, one or more members of only one team must stand inside the capture point – more members increase the capture speed.

Similar to other game modes, Control is played on three different maps. These maps are named Nepal, Lijiang Tower, and Ilios.

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Overwatch Control Maps Guide

A round is won after one team reaches 100% capture progress. The first team to win 2 rounds win the entire game. Once captured, the team must defend the capture point from the other team who must draw out the defending team and capture the point for themselves.

Our Overwatch Control Maps guide provides an overview of all three Control maps along with tips to play effectively on these maps.

Overwatch Control Maps Strategies

Since it takes 30 seconds for the control point to appear, there is no point rushing in. Instead try to flank your enemies and punish them for being greedy. This team rewards you for playing as a team and this is what you need to capitalize on. Since a full team can capture a point faster than 1-2 heroes, therefore, you need to stick together as a team and you will do good.

Speaking of teams and compositions, you need to go with heroes who deal a whole lot of damage, have sustain, and large HP pools. I recommend Mercy as she provides constant healing and boosts damage, Reaper because he is an excellent flanker and deals insane amount of close-ranged damage, Reinhardt because of his massive HP pool and barrier, and Soldier: 76 because he is an excellent all-rounder.

After you have managed to control a point, there is no point in staying in the same area as it will get you killed. Instead you should try to move out and catch enemies off-guard as they are trying to take your capture point. Reaper with boosted damage can take into the air and wipe the entire enemy team with his ultimate. The point here is that you need to move out instead of getting caught.

As I have mentioned earlier, you need to stick together as a team and capture points while sticking together. Since there is a lot of close quarter combat involved in Control, I do not really recommend using heroes like Hanzo or Widowmaker. They do not really do a whole lot of damage at close range and can be flanked rather easily. However, since strategies differ from player to player, you should go with heroes that you feel comfortable with.

This is all we have on Overwatch Control Maps guide. If there is something that you would like to add, do make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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