Overwatch Assault Maps Guide – Hanamura, Temple of Anubis, and Volskaya Industries

By   /   May 27, 2016
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In Assault, attacking and defending teams try to capture or defend capture points scattered around the multiplayer maps. Essentially, both team look to control the map – attackers look forward to controlling capture points and defenders look to hold these points until the timer runs out.

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Overwatch Assault Maps Guide

Like other game modes, there are a total of 3 multiplayer maps on which Assault is played. These multiplayer maps include Hanamura, Temple of Anubis, and Volskaya Industries.

Our Overwatch Assault Maps Guide provides an overview of all three Assault Maps in the game and tips on how to play on these maps.

Overwatch Assault Hanamura Map

This assault map is basically set in Japan and one of the earliest maps in the game. The map features a fistful of sniping nests and other brilliant spots.

On the defense side, the first thing that you need to do is to hold the area around the double gates. Instead of pushing deep into enemy spawn, you should try and hold this area and let the attackers come to you.

Due to this fact, you will not do wrong by setting up Bastion’s stationary turret in this particular choke point. In this way, you will restrict enemy movement and will be able to pick them off one after the other.

Another decent strategy that you can employ is to have a Widowmaker on the team who will be able to snipe targets from a distance with relative ease. On the attacking side of things, you need to keep your wits on you and try to take advantage of small achievements.

Having a tank like Reinhardt with his massive barrier will allow you to pick one or two from the enemy line-up and push further into the base. As attacking team, your primary objective is to control points and not rack up kills.

Never should you try to play yourself and be a team player. If you think you cannot secure a kill, do not try to overreach. During the second phase, defending team should set-up around the objective room.

Try to gain the higher vantage points from where you should be able to snipe enemies below. Attacking team, on the other hand, will have flanking opportunities on which they need to capitalize.

Overwatch Assault Temple of Anubis Map

This assault map is brimming with things including stairways and overhead passes.

Just as the game starts, you need to gain control of floating ship and balcony overlooking the attacker spawn point – both of which serve as excellent sniping positions. Junkrat and Symmetra both shine on this maps due to traps and can catch enemies off-guard.

While playing as defenders, you need to set-up Bastion turret or snipers ahead of double-doors in order to keep the attacking team from advancing forward. In addition to this, you should be able to toss Junkrat’s bombs through narrow doorways and place Symmetra’s turrets at choke points.

As attackers, just like the previous maps, do not play for yourself and try to move as a team. Having someone like Reinhardt with his massive barrier shield will help you advance with any difficulty whatsoever – provided that you stick together.

While trying to capture the second point in this map, you should not undermine the importance of alleyway on the left hand side. This area has pretty clear lines of sight, decent cover, and some sniping spots located nearby.

Bastion can also set-up his stationary turret around the blind corner in this area of the map.

Overwatch Assault Volskaya Industries Map

This assault map can easily be considered as one of the maps in the game that are snipers’ haven. Since there are a whole lot of open and wide spaces available, it is a good idea to rely on heroes who are good damage dealers and have somewhat moderate HP pools.

Right from the start of the map, defenders will find plenty of sniping spots which is more than enough to frustrate attackers. Defenders will also find a hiding area near the brick archway which snipers like Widowmaker will easily access.

Although this area provides Widowmaker with an excellent vantage points, she gets focused easily and can die if she does not continually change her position.

On the attackers’ side, your flankers need to take the exit on the right hand side and proceed through the building’s interiors. This will enable them to thin defenders’ ranks early in the game.

In case you have a Bastion on your team, you should head over to the small area near the first control point where he will be able to lean against a wall and go into stationary turret mode that will shred through any attacker trying to control the point.

Finally, as mentioned earlier, for this map, you need to snipers and tanks who bring massive shields into the play such as Reinhardt. As attackers, try to capitalize on small victories and you will surely make your way up.

This is all we have for our Overwatch Assault Maps guide. Do not forget to share your own tips and strategies for these maps by commenting below!

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