“Nintendo NX Will Be Huge” According To GameStop, Could Bring $7.5 Billion In Revenue

By   /   May 27, 2016
Nintendo NX Backwards Compatibility

During the investors conference GameStop’s Executive Vice President Mike Hogan shared the projections the company has been making, according to him Nintendo NX Will Be Huge.

During financial briefing Mike Hogan told that the company expects that the console will bring in the revenue of $7.5 billion during it’s first 26 months of its launch. This revenue projection is roughly the half of what original Wii brought in.

It is important to mention that these are just conservative estimates and GameStop expects Nintendo NX to perform even better.

Not much information has been revealed by Nintendo regarding the specs of Nintendo NX, but the console is expected to release in March 2017 according to company financials.

A leak also suggests that the console will have 8-Core ARM Cortex v8-a A72 @1.6GHz. The RAM for the console will be 12GB LPDDR4, although how much of that is going to be dedicated to the OS is not confirmed yet.

As far as the GPU is concerned, the Nintendo NX is apparently getting a custom AMD Polaris based GPU.

According to the leak, apparently there will be a core game SKU that will have more on-board memory and there will also be supplementary computing devices that will be released later down the line to expand computing power. These could cost $150.

Earlier this week a new rumor emerged suggesting that Nintendoo MH is an handled console that will be separate from Nintendo NX. This rumor stems from Japanese financial website Traders Japan where they recently published a report on Nintendo and their future plans.

However, turns out that the rumor was just a “projected scenario” according to Dr. Serkan Toto CEO of Kantan Games.

Dr. Serkan Toto recently took to social media to clear some misunderstandings. According to Toto the Nintendo MH report was not a confirmation but a scenario made by the Japanese financial website.

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