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Latest The Last Guardian Gameplay Footage, Screens and Details

By   /   May 27, 2016

Good news folks, the developers behind The Last Guardian are finally suiting up for a showdown as they have shared much more about The Last Guardian gameplay yesterday and today than they have in the past whole year.

Yesterday, the game got its first ever preview from Edge Magazine where some new gameplay details were shared, and this time we have IGN’s coverage of the obscure but highly anticipated action adventure title.

There are a number of new things that you will be able to find about Trico as well as the boy in the video we have added above, like Trico being able to blast red lightning from its tail to blow up boulders.

In another video they have also talked about how the development studio is bringing Trico to life. Fumito Ueda says he looked believable since the early days but animations were tricky, and only in the recent months they have reach satisfactory levels.

The video in question has some short clips, some of which were shared in the past and some are new. You can check it out embedded below and listen to Ueda talk about the most popular pet we have had at a number of E3 conferences.

There are at least ten new screenshots that have been shared alongside The Last Guardian gameplay footage from the hands on preview, and some of them really show different colors of the game.

For instance, there is one that shows the boy swimming under water and then there is another one showing Trico with some sort of a mask over its face as well as another character that we don’t know about.

We are also sharing these new screenshots with you in the gallery below – knock yourself out!

With The Last Guardian gameplay videos, the new screenshots and these updates, we are, for the first time, confident that the developers’ and Sony’s promise of a 2016 release date might actually be held.

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