Fallout 4 Mod Size on Xbox One Must Be Less Than 2 Gigs

By   /   May 27, 2016
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The stream that we talked about yesterday that happened on Bethesda’s Twitch account today let everyone know about a rather strict limitation related to Fallout 4 mod size. If you want to upload a Fallout 4 mod to be downloaded to an Xbox One, the mod will have to be less than two gigabytes in order for it to work.

The announcement also came with some welcome news, that the Fallout 4 mod system for the Xbox One would be coming out on May 31, next Tuesday. With it, players will be able to bring over a wide variety of mods from the PC versions of the game to the Xbox One and Playstation versions. Only, as we said before, they have to be less than 2 gigs.

This means that there will likely be no total conversion mods coming out, but the vast majority of mods will most likely be able to get onto the console, ranging from a few small quests to new weapons and armor, just as long as they’re not too big.

You can even purchase mods that are specifically tailored towards the game’s DLC, as long as you buy the DLC first.

However, even if the Fallout 4 mod size is respected on consoles, you will not be able to earn achievements in the game if you play the game while a mod is running. This has angered a few gamers but considering how trivial some mods will most likely make quests (say if you had a Fat Man that never ran out of Mini-Nukes) it’s probably for the best that that can’t happen, as it would take a lot of the fun out of the game.

However, even with a Fallout 4 mod size that’s less than 2 gigs the playerbase of the game will likely come up with a lot of cool, fun, and hilarious mods to add to the game for people to play.

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