F1 2016 Announced, Features 10-Year Career Mode

By   /   May 27, 2016
F1 2016

F1 2016, the newest version of the F1 Racing series of racing games, has finally been announced, with an added bonus of having a career mode that will span ten years of the player’s racing career. The series developers, Codemasters, were the ones that announced the game, have a large number of racing games under their belts, and in between F1 games have been pumping out others.

These games include things like Dirt: Showdown, Grid 2, Dirty Rally, and more. F1 2016 will be continuing the series from F1 2015, the version of the game that came out last year.

Unlike this year’s F1 game, F1 2015 did not come with a career mode, as Codemasters didn’t think they could deliver on it.

Now, it seems that they think they can do it with F1 2016, and plan to have the game’s career mode span 10 seasons of racing, which comes out to 10 years.

Among other racing tracks, F1 2016 will have one track take place at the Baku City Circuit in Azerbaijan’s capital of Baku. While the actual track isn’t finished yet, with luck it will be finished in time to host the event it’s being build for: the Baku European Grand Prix.

F1 2016 will also add a new pair of vehicles to the game’s roster, but not in the usual way: instead it will be the Safety Car and Virtual Safety Car that are in real-life Formula One races, which help control the pace of the race by driving in front of the other cars in case of an accident or other problem during the race.

The game’s career mode not only includes a detailed upgrade system for your own cars, but the ability to customize your avatar, pick your number, paint your helmet, and more. You can even pick what Formula One team you’ll be joining in the actual game. Codemasters also promises a number of must-haves and other exciting features.

Let’s just hope that F1 doesn’t want Spike Lee to do a “story mode” for the game like a certain other sports game that came out last year.

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