The Division UI Glitch Fixed On PC, Coming To Xbox One and PS4

By   /   May 27, 2016
Division UI glitch

A Division UI glitch that was causing many people to see double due to an overlap has now been patched out on PC, and the same patch will soon by making its way over to the Xbox One and the PS4. The glitch was causing the game’s UI to overlap with itself and create a double effect.

While it isn’t as bad as Ubisoft having to take down servers for the game three different times in the same week, it still marks the end of one of Ubisoft’s worst weeks for technical difficulties when it comes to The Division.

You can probably just put the numerous examples of downtime in The Division this week as something related to the game just releasing an enormous update that added a lot of stuff and code changes to the game, but all the same its a rather shaky launch for the update itself.

The Division UI glitch patch is thankfully only around 1.6 gigabytes so you don’t have to wait very long if you need to install it; you only need to turn your game client off and then on again and the patch will begin installing.

Other bugs that Ubisoft needed to take down the servers to fix this week included daily mission bugs, missing player characters in PC versions of the game, and stopping a bug that would still reward players even if they died playing a High Value Target mission.

Unfortunately, players on the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One will still need to wait against next week before they’re able to get the same Division UI glitch patch. In the meantime, if you have the glitch, you should probably look to play a better game like Doom, or Destiny (especially since the second one is more stable and less glitchy hint hint).

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