Civilization VI: How Firaxis Changes Things Dynamically in All the Right Places

By   /   May 27, 2016
Civilization VI

We are not saying that Civilization V was something that was lacking; everything needs improvements, it is just a matter of when and where you are making those improvements that decide how much better the next installment in going to be. For Civilization VI, Firaxis Games has done it in all the right places like diplomacy, leaders, city building and science.

The first and the foremost area where the upcoming game improves is how you spend your time. While there would be instances in the last game when you would just be spending your turns in order to wait for your researches and other projects to complete, in Civ VI you are actually taking on constructive work.

In the time you get, you will be actually planning not only what to build but where to build. That last part is what adds a lot more activity to the game. You get choices between which you make crucial decisions regarding geographical locations of your things.

And the unstacked cities you got to see in this one hour long gameplay are just one aspect.

Firaxis Games says that the development of Civilization VI has not been like other games that get another installment in the series, with this one they are not only adding new systems to the game but changing things in the basis.

The game’s own systems interact with each other much more which is new and that adds a lot more dynamism to the experience you can expect. Where do you place the holy site, where will it benefit more… the research or the market?

Do I take on my neighbor’s industrial points using a military strategy and make him go weak in the knees or do I stay back, plant the camp on the other side of a mountainous choke point so that it is hard to get at me?

There are so many questions you will be asking yourself that were not there in Civilization V, so many new dilemmas that you will face.

In Civilization VI, your endeavors in one area are, not indirectly but directly linked to other areas. Your campus district and astrology research, once completed, can have an impact on military, diplomacy and even exploration. However, even before that you figure out where to place the whole thing. If it is near the mountains scientists might get bonuses from there.

That is not all, you are also making a tradeoff between choices here, if you plant the research near the mountains you might be giving up a place where a mine would be ideal.

This singular point of decision has much larger implications that even all that. In the position you are in, you might think that the most important thing you need right now is the mine, but that would mean you lose in the long run: foresight, will get you success!

Another area where Civilization VI is rightly changing things up in how the playthroughs work and how much of a newness do they bring to the table. This time around, Firaxis has tried to break you off from the tried and tested patterns that people would sometimes follow for certain activities.

There are procedurally generated landscapes that alter the world you get on each new playthrough. A butterfly effect will roll down the effects of the change in landscape and landmarks to types of districts you make. This in turn will affect the technologies and researches you conduct, which, ultimately, will govern your policies all over.

Civilization VI is probably the best that has happened to the series yet!

Here’s more on its expandable cities, dynamic diplomacy, better AI animations and release plans.

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