Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is Hopefully Bringing Back Trickshots

By   /   May 27, 2016
Infinite Warfare Multiplayer

Everyone has a number of questions in their minds about Call of Duty Infinite Warfare: can Infinity Ward pull off Zombies like Treyarch, can they even deliver on the bold promise they have made and so on.

Amidst all this, and the out of place hate that the game is getting, everyone might have missed that Infinite Warfare is going to get you some really interesting scenarios. Image trickshotting up in the air.

There are a number of fans who would want to ensure that nac and trickshots make a return with the game, and one of them even asked the question from Infinity Ward on the official Twitter profile of the game. The guy asked “can you nac in infinite warfare” and their reply was:

Like trick shots, huh? We’ll be talking about this more when we’re ready to discuss MP. Stay in the conversation.

Of course they didn’t say yes, but this is as good as that.

It is always fun to be able to make your kill look stylish on the killcam, right? There are so many ways to do a trickshot in Call of Duty, we are hoping to see some really impressive video compilations coming up on YouTube real soon!

After all the negativity that has been engulfing the game’s reveal, some positive news is coming through, like the fact that the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare multiplayer is being developed with help from professional players, this will streamline the competitive gaming elements of the game very well.

Before this, the game has had a lot of criticism recorded by the fans through more than three million YouTube dislikes on the game’s reveal trailer as well as a RIPCoD Twitter trend that followed the Battlefield 1 reveal.

Source: Call of Duty Twitter.

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