Anonymous Developer is Working On Xbox One VR Game

By   /   May 27, 2016
Xbox One System Software Update

A statement from an anonymous developer has confirmed that at least one Xbox One VR game is in the works. The game in question will be releasing sometime in 2017 for the Xbox One and the developer plans to show that game off at E3.

This comes only a day after various leaks showed that Microsoft was working on a new version of the Xbox One, codenamed “Xbox Scorpio.”

The information was later confirmed by a PR representative for that same studio, but Ars Technica, the publication spoken to by the developer, is not at liberty to say the title of the game or what developer is actually working on it.

All that they could say is that the developer in question is a well-known European studio and that the game will be set in the universe of a long-running and well-loved franchise.

The game is also being developed for the PC and Playstation VR (unsurprising since an Xbox One VR platform doesn’t exist yet) but that a version will be developed for the Xbox One. The fact that there’s a “VR” in the term “Xbox One”, however, does imply that an Xbox One VR platform is in the works.

The Xbox One Scorpio already has universal compatibility as an important part of its makeup, meaning that Microsoft will do their best to allow anything available to be plugged into the console. This could very well include the Oculus Rift, which could be given over to the Xbox in order to give it its own equivalent to the Playstation VR.

All the same, while we have no idea what this new game is or which European studio is developing it, we can only hope that if we see it at E3 next month that it will be a welcome addition to the rapidly-growing library of virtual reality games.

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