Total War Warhammer Army Guide: How to Manage, When to Expand

By   /   May 26, 2016
Total War Warhammer Army Guide

Total War Warhammer is available on PC, the latest installment brings new factions, better politics and lots of content, which means it is time to bring out your diplomacy hate, make alliances, and forge the biggest army for your empire. You need to recruit and built an army that protects your country, its people and valuables.

Keep in mind that you can be allies with other factions but once Chaos spreads the map, you can not make allies with its armies. They say violence is never a solution but in this case you have no option.

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Total War Warhammer Army Guide

You need lords to control your army, they help you move your men and perform other activities on the map. Each faction has its own lord and entire army can have up to 20 units. You can expand your army that would provide more experience points and chevrons.

Not only that, but larger armies have much better offense, suffer less casualties. Having large armies also helps maintain public order in your provinces.

However, keep in mind that your elite squad should be well built and strategically placed. Otherwise, they will fall. Larger armies also have morals high compared to smaller ones on the battlefield which gives you an edge over smaller factions.

The issue here is that upkeep costs increases as you increase the number of units in your army. Moreover, 5% upkeep cost is increased with every lord you recruit.

So when you ask about what’s the right time to be increasing the size of your army, I would say it depends on a few things. The situation on the map should be considered along with your relations with your allies and enemies.

Hiring a new lord in the beginning of the game is a good idea, provide him with a decent amount of soldiers. You don’t need to spend all of your resources on building the army in the beginning. Focus on diplomatic relations and trade to stabilize your economy.

Starting off, you need to focus on having less armies but larger armies which make it easier manage. Your enemies won’t have access to powerful units in the beginning so you don’t need to worry about not having enough military power.

Get more Lords in when you are about to attack an army located on one side of the map, and faction located on the other side is hostile as well. If you don’t recruit Lords and send units to attack on one side, the other side will see your as vulnerable and may take advantage.

Lords are also helpful in keeping rebels at bay. They may rise to disturb public order if your army is busy at the borders. Recruit Lords, upgrade them, and expand your units to ensure peace.

Keep in mind that for rebels and keeping peace in your provinces, you should use freshly hired lords. You don’t want your experienced and high level lords dead in case things get heated.  It is all about managing your best Lords and heroes for better output. Never forget to upgrade them with skill points.

1500-2000 gold per turn is needed to manage a big army and that is only possible if your economy is stable. Use your resources to build settlements and military buildings to hire Lords and expand units with local as they are cheaper.

Eventually, you will have to go global which costs more money.

This is all we have on Total War Warhammer Army Guide. If there is something else you would like to know, do make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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