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Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII Trailer Takes You to Ancient China

By   /   May 26, 2016

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII was originally released in Japan alone in January this year. This was followed by Koei Tecmo’s announcement that the strategy game will also get a western release on July 5, 2016. Now, in order to get you up to speed, they have released a new trailer.

This trailer focuses primarily on the game’s cutscenes which cover Oath of the Peach Garden after which historical heroes Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei had sworn to at like brothers.

They also take you to Battle of Hulao Pass where the aforementioned brothers are to take on Lu Bu, who was an officer of the tyrant Dong Zhuo.

The developers have already promised that with the setting of Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII, “players will experience the historic battles which led to the unification of 2nd century China through a comprehensive tutorial and historical simulation mode, Hero Mode.”

This hero mode is enriched with details on the history of ancient China and puts you in place to take control of the strategy with that era’s special conditions, and resources. Since the trailer in question is also about the cutscenes which tutor you on the story, Koei Tecmo has also explained their importance:

Players will be able to experience a story rich in Chinese history as they learn how best to utilize the game’s strategic gameplay and advanced game mechanics. Detailed CG cutscenes have been crafted to further immerse players in this historically-accurate tale that highlights the most heroic deeds of the strongest, wisest, and most powerful characters of the Three Kingdoms Era.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII releases on PS4 and PC in North America on July 5 and in European Union on July 8. Check out the trailer and tell us if it is your type of a game.

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