PS4 Will Let You Watch UEFA Champions League Final 2016 Free!

If you are a football fan, right now you will be planning with your mates how and where to watch the UEFA Champions League Final 2016 – Milan. And we have some good news for you! Sony Computer Entertainment Europe is going to let you watch the final for free right from your PS4!

James Olivier, the brand and hardware marketing guy at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe took to the official PlayStation EU Blog with an announcement that the final, which is to take place this Saturday at the Stadio San Siro in Milan, will be watchable for free using the in-console YouTube App.

Not only that, those of you who watch it there will also stand a chance to win some prizes through the PlayStation F.C. UEFA Champions League App through various activities like Fantasy Football, Predictor and Top Five that are available within the app.

The UEFA Champions League Final takes place this Saturday at the Stadio San Siro in Milan between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid – a repeat of the 2014 final (which was eventually won by Real Madrid after extra time).

Viewers in the UK can watch this season’s final live from 7.00pm on BT Sport Showcase, free on YouTube on PS4. If you haven’t already, make sure you download the YouTube app on PS4 so you’re ready to watch live on Saturday night.

Lastly, people who are in Milan can try out PES 2016 on the PlayStation VR at PlayStation F.C. Experience at the UEFA Champions Festival and get a chance to win tickets for UEFA Champions League Final 2016 – Milan!

You can reach the festival at Piazza Duomo until 5.00PM on the coming Sunday.

Interested in all this? You can get the complete details from the official PlayStation EU Blog.