Overwatch Hybrid Maps Guide – Hollywood, King’s Row, and Numbani

By   /   May 26, 2016

Assault and Escort are two separate game modes in Overwatch. Then there is another game mode called Hybrid that is a combination of both Assault and Escort.

Currently, on all available Hybrid maps, the game starts with Assault and terminates with Escort – should the attacking team manages to capture a point.

At the start of the game, a capture point appears in the center of the multiplayer map. If the attacking team manages to capture it, a payload appears on the map that must be carried to the very end of the map.

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Overwatch Hybrid Maps Guide

There are a total of three Hybrid maps in the game. These maps are Numbani, Hollywood, and King’s Row. Our Overwatch Hybrid Maps guide provides an overview of all three Hybrid Maps in the game and tips on how to play on these maps.

Overwatch Hybrid Hollywood Map

This map starts off in the Hollywood boulevard and moves on to Goldshire Studios with several movie sets appearing along the way. The payload that appears in the map is Hal-Fred Glitchbot – an omnic director.

Since this map has a lot of open space, you will find plenty of defensive positions to set up Bastion’s stationary turret, sniping positions for Widowmaker/Hanzo, and medium-ranged engagements for 76.

As attackers, you need to capture the point ASAP. Moreover, you should be able to sneak upon defenders in the archway and catch them off-guard. Defenders, on the other hand, need to hold the narrow corridor on the right side which will allow them to hold the point and halt attackers’ progress.

Overwatch Hybrid King’s Row Map

This map is basically set at night in winding streets between tall buildings of England. As attackers, you will need to push towards the first checkpoint which can be difficult.

However, if you have a Reinhardt on your team, you should be able to get behind his barrier and progress forward. Furthermore, heroes like Tracer and Reaper can utilize the alleyways on the side to flank enemies and get rid of defensive strategies.

During the early game, heroes like Reaper and Pharah can gain a height advantage and rain fire on defenders trying to hold onto payload or point. During the final push, try to switch heroes and get some flankers who can disrupt defense lines set up on ledges and balconies.

While playing as defenders, you need to keep a close eye on both airborne heroes and ground flankers. Try and look for snipers on balconies and ledges that might give you some trouble.

Symmetra is someone you absolutely need on your team while playing this map. You simply need to make sure that your team blocks access to payload and then place turrets in lobby to give attackers hell.

You should also consider picking up Mei in order to block access using Ice Wall. Even if you are unable to do so, you should be able separate one or two enemy heroes from their team and eliminate them in order to gain an advantage.

As mentioned earlier, attackers need to utilize alleyways in order to gain an advantage which is where Junkrat comes in. His lobbed bombs deal immense amount of splash damage which can be devastating in CQC.

Overwatch Hybrid Numbani Map

This map is basically in a utopian city that exists in a post-Omnic crisis world. It is located on the western coast of Africa, along the belt that runs from Ghana to Nigeria and is bordered by Savana. It is a tourist spot that has many attractions.

While playing this map, you need to look for balconies that have trees. This will allow you to eliminate your targets with some added protection from trees. In addition to these balconies with trees, you will come across a balcony a little ahead of payload location.

It is a good idea to control this balcony as it is an excellent scout position since it provides a complete overview of the map’s central locations. In case you are having difficulty finding it, you will find it near the bus.

Then there is another terrace located on the left hand side of payload. This is another decent vantage point that will let you scout the incoming attackers, communicate with your team, and even pick one or two yourself!

Due to all these balconies scattered around the map, Widowmaker is excellent choice here. It does not matter on which side you are playing, you will be able to toss in Spider Mines at choke points and near balconies to give the other team hell.

As a Widowmaker player on this map, you need to take control of the massive statue near the payload which will provide you with excellent cover and you will be racking up kills in no time.

However, as a Widowmaker or Hanzo player, do not try to set up near the right hand side of payload as it has multiple positions for flankers to arrive and make short work of your sniper.

Lastly, while playing on the defense side, try to camp on the left hand side of the bridge where you will be able to get clean shots of attackers, however, you need to make sure that you are well-equipped in order to deal with flankers.

This is all we have on Overwatch Hybrid Maps guide. If there is something else you would like to know, do make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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