Overwatch Character Unlocks Guide – Skins, Victory Poses, Sprays, Emotes, Voice Lines

By   /   May 26, 2016
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Blizzard’s Overwatch is brimming with things like Character Skins, Emotes, Victory Poses, Voice Lines, and more that you can use on your heroes. These things are a fun way to customize your heroes, but must be unlocked before they are used.

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Overwatch Character Unlocks

This guide details everything you need to know about unlocking Character Skins, Emotes, Victory Poses, Voice Lines, and more for your Overwatch heroes.

Overwatch Heroes Skins
These change the overall appearance of a hero. While some are simple color-scheme changes, others completely alter a hero’s appearance. These skins come in three rarities – Common, Rare, and Legendary.

Overwatch Heroes Skins are acquired via Loot Boxes or bought using credits. The method involving Loot Boxes is completely random. However, if you get a duplicate item from a Loot Box, it will automatically be converted into extra credits for you.

Overwatch Heroes Emotes
As the name suggests, these are essentially little things that your heroes can perform. These are unique and vary from one hero to other. Emotes include things like gestures, dance moves, so on and so forth.

Overwatch Victory Poses
These are special gestures that a hero performs after winning a game. There are a few of these Victory Poses in the game that can be unlocked by simply playing the game and leveling up your heroes.

Overwatch Voice Lines
Voice Lines in Overwatch are dialogues that a hero can say while in-game in order to either humiliate his/her opponent or to intimidate him/her.

Sprays are essentially graffiti that your heroes can leave in environment during a match. Similar to other hero-specific things, Sprays are also unique to heroes.

Highlight Intros.
Played during the end of a match, Highlight Intros. are basically showcase of a brilliant outplay made by your hero during a match.

This is all we have on Overwatch Character Unlocks Guide. If there is something else you would like to know, do make sure to let us know in the comments section below!

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