Overwatch Best Heroes Guide for Every Role – Tank, Support, Offense, Defense

By   /   May 26, 2016

The massive roster of heroes in Overwatch carters to a range of playstyles. However, not all heroes in the game are beginner friendly. Meaning that you cannot just choose them and start doing good.

Heroes like Genji and Hanzo have quite steep learning curves which require players to invest in some time to be able to play with them efficiently. While each hero in the game can effectively be countered with another hero, there are some who truly outshine others when played a little intelligently.

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Overwatch Best Heroes for All Roles

Overwatch Best Heroes guide provides an overview of a few heroes – across all 4 categories – that WE think are the best in their respective roles. Do note that these are the heroes that I prefer playing with.

You can also share your own list of best heroes with us in the comments below!

Best Overwatch Offense Heroes

Soldier: 76
This hero can deal damage at almost any range, but he truly shines at medium range. He has the ability to sprint, heal, and an ultimate that is kind of like an aim-bot. He is a nice flanker and can get in and out of positions rather swiftly.

He also has Helix Rockets ability which are good for decent burst damage. All in all, he is a brilliant all-rounder who is not only beginner friendly, but also has a lot of potential.

This hero is meant for players who like to rush in and be aggressive. Her jet-pack allows her to hover in the air for a short duration of time that can be used to scout and flank enemies. Her rocket launcher packs a punch that is capable of splash damage and racking up kills faster than other heroes.

However, unlike Soldier: 76, Pharah is somewhat difficult to master and rocket launcher requires a little practice. Moreover, she is vulnerable to long ranged heroes such as Hanzo and Widowmaker.

Best Overwatch Defense Heroes

This hero is one of the strongest – if not the strongest – heroes in the game. Bastion has three different modes – a mobile turret mode, a stationary turret mode, and a walking tank mode. He is really good for controlling choke points, allowing the team to control objectives, and establishing the frontline.

He brings out his true damage potential in stationary turret mode which ceases his ability to move. The recon mode does next to none damage as compared to stationary turret mode and should only be used to find new defensive positions.

This hero is personally my favorite in the entire game. When played somewhat decently, she is capable of carrying the entire match herself. She is basically a sniper that deals immense amount of damage at long range. These shots can be charged up for 1 second to deal even more damage.

For medium and close ranged engagements, she has automatic fire mode available. She has a grappling hook to help her find new vantage points and escape. Since she is weak to flanks, she also has traps that ensure she does not get ambushed by enemies.

You need to make sure that you play around your strengths and you will do god.

Best Overwatch Support Heroes

She is one of the strongest healers in the game and the only hero that can resurrect dead teammates instantly. She cannot only fly to her teammates to keep them at full HP, but can also provide them with increased damage output to annihilate their enemies.

She passively regenerates her health when outside the battle, but once she is caught, it is hard to get away without the help of her teammates. Do note that she is rather squishy which is why you need to stay with your team at all times.

Finally, her ultimate ability can resurrect eliminated teammates, but must be used within 10 seconds of their death. Mercy is not hard to play, but you need to choose your targets wisely and your ultimate ability even more so.

This hero is another incredibly decent healer/support hero in the game. Aside from Soldier: 76, he is one of the simplest heroes in the game. He is able to provide his teammates with personal shields, healing, and movement speed buff.

Moreover, he can knock-back enemies and has great mobility that allows him to escape tough situations. His wallrunning ability allows him to sneak up on enemies, keep his teammates well-healed, and get a few kills with headshots.

Best Overwatch Tank Heroes

He is one of the best tank heroes in the game. Reinhardt has a massive shield, rocket thrusters, and a huge hammer at his disposal. His melee hammer not only has the best range of all the melee weapons in the game, but also deals immense amount of damage.

He is not only capable of protecting his entire team composition using his massive shield, but can also charge forward using his rocket thrusters. Using his thrusters, he can pin an enemy against the wall and finish them off using his hammer.

His Fire Strike ability tosses projectiles from the hammer, but they do not do a whole lot of damage. Lastly, his ultimate ability not only deals damage to his enemies, but also stuns them for a brief duration of time.

This hero has the biggest HP pool of all heroes in Overwatch so it is fitting that he makes an incredible tank. On top of that, he has a self-healing ability that restores upto 300 HP. He has a hook that he can use to pull enemies and then deal damage using his Scrap Gun.

His hook demands accurate precision which requires some practice and effort put into it. Due to this fact, he is not an ideal hero for beginners. Other than that, his huge size makes him an easy target for snipers. But on 1-on-1 encounters, he can easily outplay his opponents.

Do not agree to our list? Share your own below with us in the comments section below!

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