New Star Ocean 5 Trailers Show off New Kingdoms And Gameplay

By   /   May 26, 2016
Star Ocean 5 Trailers

Star Ocean 5 is almost a month away from its release and Square Enix is keeping the hype for the game through series of new Star Ocean 5 trailers. These Star Ocean 5 trailers showcase the Kingdom of Trei’ku and some core gameplay mechanics.

The first trailer showcases the parched kingdom of Trei’ku, most of the kingdom is desert and the sand in the deserts has little to no nutrients to sustain the raising crops.

Maybe the lack of natural resources is the reason that kingdom of Trei’ku is at war with it’s neighboring kingdom Resulia. The trailer also gives a small peak at the enemies or monsters players will face during their journey through kingdom of Trei’ku.

The second trailer showcases the planet  Faykreed IV, which trailer describes as a wild and untamed planet. The trailer showcases the different locations on Faykreed IV from bustling cities to the dangerous wild lands.

Players will come across many mining locations from which players can collect resources which will be essential for their adventure. Players can use these resources to craft or upgrade their items so that they can explore the deadly terrains of Faykreed IV with less trouble.

The trailer further showcases that players can unlock certain skills which can enhance player’s harvesting abilities, scientific research and dance. Star Ocean 5 has a wide range of side quests which players can take on to explore dungeons, find treasures and in some quests players can meet dome familiar characters.

The game introduces a private action system which can be used to interact with the party members and know what they think.

You can watch Second, Third and Fourth video, through the links.

Another trailer for Star Ocean 5 showcases the character Anne, who has looks that could kill and nerves of steel, but she is actually one of the kindest people there is. As an example of this, her love of cats burns brighter than multiple systems’ stars.

The fourth trailer showcases character named Emmerson who is a rascally companion of Anne, and always on the lookout for exquisite liquors and eligible women. Though it may be easy to mistake him for a flippant playboy on first glance, he can quickly change into a man of action when the moment calls for one.

Star Ocean 5 releases on June 28  on PlayStation 4, also the Day One Edition for the game will also be available in North America.

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