Minecraft Battle Multiplayer and Other Mini Games Coming to Consoles

By   /   May 26, 2016
Minecraft Battle Mode

The Minecraft community is forever busy finding new ways to make the game more fun – not that it isn’t already – however, this time it is the game developers themselves who are introducing Minecraft Mini Games officially, and the first one on their list is Minecraft Battle!

Battle is basically a multiplayer mode styled for the console versions of the base game which works like the famous Hunger Games. 4J Studios itself calls it the “last-minecrafter-standing deathmatch.”

While Minecraft Battle, being the first mini game, is being developed by 4J Studios themselves, many more mini games are planned which might or might not be developed by the same studio. Here’s an introduction to Battle:

We’ve been working with our chums at 4J Studios to make something pretty special – and free! – for Console Edition players to enjoy. We’re calling it Battle. It’s a last-minecrafter-standing deathmatch and the first of a number of mini games we’ll be releasing, designed to help players compete under cool and crazy rulesets with minimum fuss.

This mini game is basically a “race to survival” where you have only a few seconds to grab resources and/or weapons from chests given in the center of the arena.

Player count is not too big at this point, while playing the mode in splitscreen four people can join together although online this number is raised to eight. For the latter you can use matchmaking as well as individual invitations.

4J Studios says that Minecraft Battle has been developed keeping couch-based competition and console games in mind, and further adds:

We wanted it to be super-accessible and fast-paced, so we’ve tried to keep the focus on rapid tactical thinking and combat: there’s no need to craft anything here, and you can loot inventories and equip armour with the tap of a button.

Minecraft: Console Edition will get Minecraft Battle for free in June and will include three maps although map packs in the future will cost $2.99 each.

More on the other mini games when they get announced.

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