The Last Guardian Gets Previewed! New Gameplay Details Shared

By   /   May 26, 2016
The Last Guardian

If you follow videogame magazines you would have noticed by now that the latest issue of Edge Magazine is doing its cover story on The Last Guardian. The magazine has done the first ever hands-on preview of the game – yes, it is alive, and coming this year!

In their, some new details about the gameplay have also been shared alongside more talk on Trico, the gigantic pet that we have loved in the first place, but which some of us are starting to hate now because the developers won’t do anything but to talk about it.

Anyhow, game director Fumito Ueda was asked to comment on the state of the game when he reiterated that the game’s release really is in 2016:

Since this is the year we will see the game’s release, I do have some worries, but I’m also very excited.

Talking of The Last Guardian gameplay, Edge Magazine has revealed a new feature in the form of a shield that is mirrored and wielded by the little boy:

Holding circle ‘illuminates’ the device, shining what is ostensibly an ornate crosshair onto any surface it’s aimed at… [Trico] can fire a devastating beam of red lightning from its tail, and will direct this power wherever we point the mirrored shield.

Think destroying a rock face and a wooden wall with it.

Ueda says about Trico that they have “given this creature its own desires” and it is not your usual cute pet. It won’t always do as you say because Trico is a “free-spirited creature that flagrantly disregards your attempts to tame it.”

In one part of the game if you took Trico underwater with a leap, when it comes back out, the animal starts pawing timidly and refuses your command to jump back inside the water. His role is ambiguous and Ueda says since Trico is the main character here, this realization makes The Last Guardian “difficult, and completely different.”

The Last Guardian releases in the second half of this year, since the developers are already preparing for future projects.

Thanks, Edge Magazine.

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