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Hour Long Civilization VI Gameplay: Setup, UI, World Wonders, Technology, Politics

By   /   May 26, 2016

We covered a lot of the changes that are coming to Civilization VI gameplay in the recent days, ranging from new city building elements like unstacked cities to new science based features to tweaks that have been made to diplomacy and leaders.

This time, we have for you a video lasting one whole hour that shows a player taking his first 60 turns in the game, thanks to an event held by Firaxis Games in California where a number of people were called in to try out the game before release.

Civilization VI Gameplay Elements Detailed With First 60 Turns

There is a large number of things that have been covered in the gameplay – which is divided into two parts by YouTuber Quill18, we have embedded one above this story and the other one below it.

You start off with the game setup, moving on to a detailed view of the map and the resources available to the player and then get to see the new user interface that Firaxis has tweaked in accordance with other gameplay changes Civilization CI is getting.

Later down the line, wonder are also shown off including Natural Wonders as well as World Wonders like The Oracle, Pyramids, Stonehenge and The Great Wall.

You also get acquainted with the Barbarians at the start of the game, the workers/builders and how they work this time around, trade units and trade routes available to the player at the start as well as elements of civics, politics and government.

It is a pretty detailed rundown of Civilization VI gameplay features and we might have even missed out on some of the other things that have been shown in the videos.

Civilization VI is totally different from Civilization V and we have good reason to believe that is a good thing. With expandable cities, dynamic diplomacy, better AI and animations, the game is coming to PC in October.

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