90 Minute Legend of Zelda E3 Demos Will be Shown at the Event

Even though Nintendo will not have a conference at this year’s E3 and will only have a single booth entirely dedicated to the Legend of Zelda games, the company has said that the press should make time to spend ninety minutes playing both of the Legend of Zelda E3 demos.

This year’s E3 will be a very low point for Nintendo. With nothing new to really announce and all of its big releases already released in the first half of the year, the company could only do two things this year unless they suddenly want to put up all of the new games that they were working on, which they have already declined to do.

The company could either officially unveil the Nintendo NX (which they won’t be doing though it is slated to be announced sometime this year and released in March of next year) or show off Zelda. And judging by the presence of the Legend of Zelda E3 demos, they’ve chosen the second option.

We know almost nothing about the upcoming Legend of Zelda game, and most of what we do know is simply hearsay. The game will be taking place in a massive open world. It will apparently be bigger than any Legend of Zelda map before. Link will be able to be played either as a male or a female version as well.

The game will also be released on both the Nintendo NX and the Nintendo Wii U, though Nintendo hasn’t officially announced the former yet.

In addition to showing off the game on the E3 show floor, Nintendo will also be showing off the Legend of Zelda game in its Treehouse event, which will be taking place on June 14.

With the possibility of it being a good launch title for the Nintendo NX, the Legend of Zelda game is going to have to be very good to qualify as a system-seller, but hopefully it will be and will turn out to be the best Zelda game yet and the Legend of Zelda E3 demos will make a good impression.