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The Division HVT Exploit Found, Can Get You Extra Missions

Now that The Division’s 1.2 update “Conflict” has come out, players have a better way to get loot from the environment, especially now that Massive Entertainment has fiddled with the loot system so that grinding for loot in Player vs Environment play is a viable strategy and you don’t have to craft end-game gear anymore. If you want, you can even use this handy HVT exploit to get yourself even more gear.

This does have somewhat of a problem, however: in order to do the exploit, you’ll have to let yourself die. While this doesn’t affect the loot that you pick up, it could still put a damper on the experience.

The way to interact with the HVT exploit is this: You need to go to the Base of Operations and buy the last Daily Mission. Then, you need to go to the mission and kill enemies until the boss spawns. Then, kill the boss. After the boss dies, you can run around grabbing all of the loot they drop.

Now here comes the boogerbear of the HVT exploit: You have to let yourself die to the rest of the mobs that are fighting with the boss. After that happens, you’ll respawn back at the Base of Operations. Since you can’t go back to the first mission because you failed it, instead you can accept the contract for the Daily Mission again, and another one will spawn. Rinse and repeat.

According to the Redditor that let us known about the HVT exploit, the best mission to do this on is the mission “Triple Crew” since it has three bosses, and therefore gives off three times the loot.

If you’ve been looking for loot and have decided that the regular Search and Destroy system takes too long for you, you can grab this mission too. However, you should probably hurry before Massive takes notice and pulls it down.

Warning: Since the Faclon Lost Exploit Fiasco, Ubisoft has publicly stated that exploiters could be banned if caught. While we are not sure if this is a banable offense, use it at your own risk!